Revolutionary new HIP Replacement Surgery

Manuj Wadhwa
Total Hip Replacement has become one of the most frequently performed and successful reconstructive procedures in orthopaedic surgery since its introduction four decades back.
As outcomes following hip replacement continue to improve, the demand for less traumatic surgery has increased, shifting the challenge towards less invasive, yet equally effective techniques that reduce pain and lead to a quicker recovery.
Intelligent Hip Surgery (DAA) – It is a revolutionary new type of Hip Replacement Surgery which is easing the misery of patients needing Hip Replacement that can have patients off the operating table on their feet in 3 hours and back home in next 24 to 48 hours.
It involves cutting through the front of a person’s hip rather than the back, meaning less muscle damage and less pain. There is less chance of hip coming out compared with the traditional method, which can cause complications.
With this new technology, patient can start playing mild sports in 6 weeks or less. This new innovative technology cuts hospital stay down from a week to a day or two.
The incredible surgery is easing pressure on cramped hospitals and improving patient welfare. Risk of extended hospital stay is minimised by getting them out of hospital and getting them mobile.
This Intelligent Hip Surgery is an approach to patient treatment that places equal importance on much faster rehabilitation, maximizing survivorship, optimizing function and accelerating recovery. Its success is founded upon the development of least traumatic surgical approaches that do not cut any muscles and high performance bearing surfaces that wear less and give more flexibility in movements, clinically established implants and responsible and effective minimal invasive techniques.
Revolutionary new HIP Replacement Surgery
* Minimal Trauma to soft tissues
* Minimal muscle damage around Hip Joint
* Minimal Blood loss, smaller scar
* Walking 3 hours after surgery
* Leg length restoration better
* No pain during and after surgery
* Almost No blood transfusion needed
* Quicker return to a normal life
* Most patients can do mild squatting/ sit cross legged
* Smaller scars for improved cosmetics
(The author is Chairman & Executive Director Elite Institutes of Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement IVY Hospital Mohali / Paras Hospitals Panchkula)


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