Revoke SRO 202: Rana

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, May 22: National Conference Provincial President Devender Singh Rana today sought immediate revocation of SRO 202 to bring parity among Government servants in Jammu and Kashmir, both already appointed under the provision or to be recruited in near future.
“The SRO 202 is against natural justice and well defined maxim of ‘equal pay for equal work’ and hence should be dispensed forthwith”, Rana said in a statement issued here, adding that the provision should be immediately scrapped before undertaking new recruitment.
The Provincial President said the rule, implemented in 2015, has demoralising effect on the employees appointed under the provision and saps their zeal and zest for work. The five-year probation instead of two years with denial of increments is frustrating for the employees and job seeking unemployed educated youth, who are genuinely aggrieved and agitated for delay in doing away with it. This does not only render the appointees stagnant with minimum of the pay scale under which appointed but the employee cannot be transferred even during the period of probation, he said, adding the provision does not stand the test of principle of equality.
He wondered over the hesitation of the administration in dispensing justice to the sufferers of SRO 202 despite candid and specific recommendations by the Law Commission headed by Justice (retired) M K Hanjura last year for reduction of the probation from five to two years. He described as apt the observation of the Law Commission that this provision is like Sword of Damocles hanging high on the heads of this set of employees.
The Provincial President hoped that the administration will take a call on the justified demand of the set of employees under SRO 202 and those likely to be appointed in the larger interest of the society, as this concerns to a whopping number of families, who are suffering during these times of inflation. He said the issue has been flagged several times keeping in view the concerns of employees but the administration is preferring muteness than showing inclination to undertake the course correction.
He said immediate rollback of SRO 202 is a viable solution to bring about parity in the government service keeping in view the principle of equal pay for equal work. This will also safeguard the interests of the employees in career advancement and normal course of promotions, thus generating a healthy atmosphere in the public administration, Rana maintained.
The Provincial President expressed solidarity with the SRO 202 employees who have suffered due to implementation of this provision.