Revive tourism sector

This has reference to the news item ‘Apni Party asks Govt to revive winter tourism’ DE Nov 7, 2020.
Reviving winter tourism is definitely the need of the hour as it would give a boost to local economy by generating job opportunities for people associated with tourism industry. The Tourism sector has suffered much during last two to three years due a number of reason, the Covid pandemic being the last one.
At a time when Covid situation is improving throughout the country and various sectors of economy are back to business, tourism sector in Jammu and Kashmir must deserves its due attention.
There are various places in Jammu and Kashmir which have great potential for winter tourism, but they have remained out of sight for tourists for reasons best known to the authorities.
It is right time that the stakeholders chalkout a programme in this direction so that the tourism sector could revive slowly before gaining the momentum in due course of time.
The Government must, therefore, pay its attention to this sector by involving all the concerned.
Amit Mahajan