Review of “Investment Risk & Growth” held

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, July25: The book, “Investment Risk & Growth” is a realistic book for personal financial planning and consists of six chapters along with examples to reflect an investor’s perspective on handling his or her hard-earned money carefully through proper investment planning, written by R.K.Mohapatra, from IRCON International Ltd, published by highlife solution.
This book is meant to enlighten readers on how to invest, in what to invest, and where to get started.
In this practical book and systematic study of Investment products, R.K.Mohapatra, shows how easy and difficult is to get the desired return in uncertain market which is hidden truths now-a -days, and also discovers a world where investment  show the way to achieve the desired goal of an individual in the long-run.
This book enables the readers an idea about the investments and investment products along with financial planning, strategy, insurance and taxation laws.
First chapter describes the importance of Gold, Gold-ETF, & E-GOLD in financial planning and its growth in the uncertain economy. The author forecasts the growth of gold based on past 10 years data, which will definitely impact the readers mind in what way to start the investment in gold and snatch the benefit of gold and diversify his or her portfolios.
The author explains how small investment in public provident fund through systematic investment plan (SIP) one can achieve the desired goal such as higher education expenses for children, wedding of daughter or son and retirement planning. The graphical presentation of PPF and analytical calculation in tabular form must attract the readers to set goals within few seconds.
Investment through SIP in shares and mutual funds ensures disciplined investment regardless of the volatility of the market movement. This helps an investor average his cost through market cycles and create a big corpus to achieve goal without taking too much risk in the long run.
The fifth chapter deals with role of insurance in finance planning. The author describes how Insurance protects your monthly expenditure and repayment of your loan liability in your absence from any unforeseen events in future.
Overall this book is rated four stars and helps an investor in setting his/ her financial goal in long-run.