Review of flagship initiatives

If important and flagship initiatives are taken all in the interests of the people of Jammu and Kashmir by the Government , knowing the levels of their implementation and progress by means of frequent interventions from the top constitute a system of follow-up which is quite necessary. In this context, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha himself chairing a high level meeting recently lends credence to according the requisite push and speed to such projects and schemes with an aim to improve the position of public deliverables in a time bond manner. The purpose and the message of such meetings should be ensured to go right and straight to the system at every level .
It is extremely important that the administration at every level, especially at District and Tehsil levels, conducted field visits and took stock of the position of how grievances of the public and other related issues were handled. Various schemes sponsored by the Central Government for urban and rural areas having operational shortcomings needed to be looked into and resolved which can be done by an administrative system which was least lethargic and more committed . Times are changing and expectations of the people too are, which leave little scope for delays and ”time pass” response.