Returning of awards

Recent developments across India has a disturbing impact on a sane mind and thought. Be it murder of activist Govind Pansare, anti superstition crusadar Narender Dabholkar, progressive thinker and scholar M M Kaliburgi. Happenings in Punjab, J&K and in other parts of country have an additional influence on the apprehensions and misgivings among masses. All such events shake the basic foundation of the existence of this great Nation. India is the largest democracy of the world. The country has inherited oldest civilisation of the world. The beauty of our society lies in its pluralistic state. The country is governed by the constitution and the countrymen follow rule of the law. The constitution guarantees equal status to all it citizens irrespective of caste creed or religion. Faith and rationalism should not be at a conflict in our country and law of the land should prevail. Scientific outlook has to be encouraged. Dissent and disagreement are essential for a vibrant democracy, but violence is not acceptable. Idea can never be eliminated. The society has to show maturity, patience and tolerance towards antithesis. Sentiments of fellow citizens should be respected. Public display and exhibition on socially sentimental issues should be condemned. Returning of awards by the awardees do not absolve them of their social responsibility. They are scholars and they have to pay back to the society by imparting right education. Why should we allow opportunistics to exploit these situations for their own game? Let us pledge and redeem our faith in our social bonding so that we make our living more peaceful and meaningful.
Yours etc….
S N Raina, Jammu