Retrieving encroached land in Gulmarg

The specific instances of grave encroaching of public land in famous tourist place Gulmarg in Kashmir and series of irregularities committed by such encroachers having been pointed out before the court.
The Gulmarg Development Authority has been asked to file report on the factual position before the court in respect of the steps taken by it in connection with retrieving such encroached land otherwise commanding very high market price. How can the applicants manage to be encroachers is the moot point? How have even electricity and water connections been obtained by such encroachers and thus illegal entries having been made while land was surprisingly under illegal occupation.
The court has directed the SHO Gulmarg to inform it about the status of investigations in the matter as the GDA has reportedly filed FIRs against the encroachers. The court has also sought compliance report from the GDA in respect of management of solid waste. Tourism Department too has to file status report in respect of enforcement of bylaws of solid waste management. Gulmarg , the famous tourist resort was facing the major problem of solid waste management and most of the areas where people throng are found littered with heaps of wrappers and containers of chips, biscuits, snacks, plastic bottles, cans etc. Added to it, the encroachment of public land was not only rampant but with going on with impunity which the court has taken cognizance of.