Retired employees deserve justice not apathy

We have no qualms with the decision of the Government in closing, as a last resort, loss making undertakings of the Government if remedial and structural measures of revival have borne no fruits but what about the fate of “retired” employees most of whom have given their springs and summers of life to the wound up organisations and now have nowhere to go. That apart, what about their pending dues – unpaid salaries in arrears and other retirement benefits? Citing the case of JK Cements Limited , as many as 500 ”retired” employees have not been paid any dues otherwise payable to them immediately on having been retired and despite their running from pillar to post for getting justice, five long years have just passed with a long wait having culminated now into virtually a hope against the hope.
Any loss making undertaking reaching that pass on account of several reasons chiefly due to poor and unprofessional management must include in its winding up process, proper settlement of various issues pertaining to the staff who not only are thrown out of employment on account of closure of the undertaking with nowhere to go chiefly on account of having crossed the age bar but depend wholly on and to bank on the retirement and allied benefits including pay and salaries in arrears . The treatment meted to the affected employees is preposterously pathetic resulting in even as many as 100 “retired” employees passing away in the hope of getting justice. Their families , children and other dependents etc are suffering for no fault of theirs as otherwise a profit making undertaking plunging into registering losses needs to be peeped into and inquired about but in the mean time , justice should be meted out to the unfortunate retired employees.