Restore power in all areas of Kashmir

Snow falls in Kashmir usually make power supply not only erratic but getting disrupted for days together. Call it the faulty planning or laying of infrastructure in a haphazard way which succumbs to a heavy downpour or a snowfall of intensity . The recent snowfall, the first of the season in the valley of Kashmir, brought in its wake many areas plunging in darkness due to supply lines getting snapped or damaged.
While in most of the areas power supply is claimed to have been restored, there are, however, many areas which still remain to be attended to and power not restored. It hardly needs to be elaborated as to what was meant by remaining without power especially at a time when students were preparing for their exams as well. We urge the authorities of the PDD to expedite the process of restoration of power supply in rest of the areas to ensure people were no longer subjected to any more inconveniences as four days in consecutiveness the power supply has not been fully restored.