Resolving Kashmir imbroglio

This has the reference to the article ‘Resolving  Kashmir Imbroglio’ DE Apr 20.
The author has rightly projected the Kashmir issue keeping in view  the strategic development of all the three regions and particularly in dousing the fire  and solution to the unrest  in the valley created by Pakistan, Kashmir centric politics and separatists.  The author has clearly exposed  the agenda of Pakistan and separatists.  Possibility of plebiscite and autonomy has been vehemently rejected  by the author and imposition of Governor’s rule  in the disturbed state of J&K   has been pointed out as readily available and last option,  keeping in view  the present scenario created  by so called stakeholders. Time has come to take the bold step  by the central Govt to douse the fire in Kashmir and to stop the blood shed and loss of innocent lives of both civilians and security forces. Moreover, idea of trifurcation would  see a new dawn in all the three regions  of the state, if considered.
Yours etc…
H.S Saini Retd.


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