Resolve LoC traders impasse

Governments of both the sides of the LoC having failed to organise traders’ meet as it used to be conducted in the presence of the India Pakistan officials two to three times in the past to resolve trade settlements and other related issues has resulted in accumulation of trade related issues mainly of payments position. As many as 80 traders from Poonch and Jammu have been ‘restricted’ from conducting cross LoC trade on Poonch Rawlakote route between Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.
In addition to the above , at least 70 trucks have been detained by the authorities at Chakkan- da- Bagh and Poonch. Traders on both sides, under an agreement trade in different goods from each other as detailed in “trade able items” of nearly the same amount and neutralise the difference by making purchases inter-se. It is the because of the tension on borders created wilfully by Pakistan that the trade has suffered and unfortunately it has affected the traders of this side more than those from the other.
Since trade disputes are not settled, the ‘balance amount’ of many traders from this side of the LoC has gone so high as up to Rs. 2 to 3 crore and they are receiving less goods from that side and they cannot offset or settle the claims to each other’s satisfaction. In other words, because of the restrictions as a result of the abnormal conditions on borders and the increase in number of the traders having gone up to 375 coupled with no meetings taking place to settle the payments position, the present impasse has taken place which we hope to be resolved soon.