Reservation for EWS, IB residents

It is heartening to note that the proposal sent by the State Administrative Council (SAC) in respect ofproviding 10percent reservation to Economically Weaker Sections among general category and three percent reservation to the people living on the International border along with the people of Line of Control in Government jobs and educational institutions , has been approved by the Union Cabinet. The proposal of giving reservation in promotions to SCs and STs categories too has been approved by the Union Cabinet.
Here, it is pertinent to mention that the people living along the International Border were feeling ignored and even pushed to the wall as reservation had been their demand due to the reasons of having peculiar problems to face. Now that long injustice with them stands undone, they would feel compensated to a larger extent on account of intermittent disturbances from across the border which affects the education of their children as also difficulties to stand at par in competitive exams with counterparts of other regions of the State besides intermittent dislocations due to the shelling and firing from across the border. The Prime Minister chaired the Cabinet meeting where the proposals sent by the State Government were approved for immediate implementation after the President’s promulgation as the State currently is under President’s rule, the three approved decisions shall have to be turned into ordinances to be promulgated by the President of India .
Technically speaking , the decisions were going to serve the purpose of application of relevant provisions of the Constitution of India as amended through the Constitution ( Seventy Seventh Amendment ) Act 1995 and the other of 2019 for Jammu and Kashmir by issuing the Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir ) Amendment Order 2019 by the President under clause 1 of Article 370. The order will pave the way for giving benefit of promotion in services to the Scheduled Castes , the Scheduled Tribes and extend thereservation of 10 per cent for economically weak sections of the society among general categories in addition to the existing reservation in Jammu and Kashmir. After a long wait of 24 years or so, the 77th Constitution Amendment of 1995 has now been applied to the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Though currently there is no elected Government in power in the State, the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir has legislative powers as well under the Constitution of the State and on that count, there was no need of or room for any speculations.
Once the promulgation is done, Jammu and Kashmir State too shall stand on the same pedestal as other States in terms of 10 per cent reservation and in promotionbenefits to SCs and STs announced by the Government and passed by the Parliament . Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes include in Jammu and Kashmir – Gujjars and Bakerwals who would be benefitted after a long wait of 24 years. Also notable thing about the reservation for the State is the principle of parity applied in respect of dwellers along the IB to be treated at par with those living along the LoC. Earlier 3 per cent reservation was available only to the youth of the LoC.