Reservation to Border people

Reservation to backward classes/OSC of the State of Jammu & Kashmir is a long struggle from the formation of State Commissioner for backward classes as per Article of 340 of the Constitution of India to identify the Backward classes on the basis of stigma of low caste. education and deep poverty. Then there is the group of leftover people known as OBC/OSCs.
Reservation to backward classes has faced the most difficult time during the beginning as many people have emerged into it through weak hole. Supreme Court has given 27 percent reservation to these masses, and 25 percent ahs been grabbed by other section of the society, only two per cent is given to genuine OBC OSC of the State. This is gross injustice.
The greatest share 20 percent is enjoyed by RBAs: A fake or artificially created class of Backward people, who have very high social status and belong to affluent class of people. These people are enjoying double benefit of reservation firstly of being of upper class people and secondly demanding and availing backward classes reservation that too of highest order of twenty percent.
As far as Pahari speaking people are concerned they are struggling for ST status.
Reservation to IB Residents of three percent is a mockery because there is only one mark concession to OBC/OSC or LAC, in selection process. These people deserve something substantive. In order to bring long lasting peace in the Border areas of Kathua and Akhnoor or IB Border many welfare measures need to be taken for them. Locals from border villages may be considered or three percent reservation to entire district Kathua, Samba. It is not good and efficient way of working to snatch the share from one group and handover it to other. Government should make permanent settlement programme for these border people.
Reservation is not a charity. Every section of society cannot be grouped in Backward / OSC classes. Reservation should has enhanced for most deserving people of the State known as other social castes.
Prof B L Bhardwaj
Former Member State Commission
for Backward classes