Reorienting educational syllabus

Is the time not quite ripe to reassess and review the pattern of educational syllabus in our educational institutions? Has a need not arisen to reorient and refashion the same in tune with the industries’ requirements and the market demands? Have we not to impart more teaching and trainings in our educational institutions to promote skill development with an aim to prepare the students face no hardships in cultivating entrepreneurship and earning their livelihood? These are certain valid questions which were dealt with by Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu while speaking at a function recently at the 21st convocation of S.A,A Science College at Tiruchirappalli.
Not only reorientation of syllabus but even teaching techniques and methodologies needed to be accordingly changed. In a scenario when the economy is poised for a 5 trillion economy, market avenues were going to be tremendous in quantity and quality which needed to be tapped adequately and the youth rolling out of our educational institutions could get ample opportunities. Agreed, humanities and conventional social subjects too had a role to play but science, technology, skill development, entrepreneurship and commercial traits were required now more than before in the fast changing world of competition, science and technology. Our rich culture and its cherished heritage needed to be made known to our school going children which was also duly underlined by the Vice President at the event.