Renovation of Mubarak Mandi Complex

This has reference to the news item ‘Only 1% fund spent for renovation of Mubarak Mandi Complex’ DE Oct 9.
It is quite dismaying to learn that mere one percent of the allocated sum has been spent over its renovation. The way funds are utilised over this prestigious projects, it will take one does not know how much time to restore it to its pristine glory. Besides, it reveals the callousness of the concerned authorities in completing this project.
Already much time has been lost in doing the preliminary work and getting money sanctioned. Besides, it has got missed in controversies which have further delayed its renovation. A project of  such nature should not be allowed to get caught in controversies as it dismays the people who have cultural and political bondage with it. Now Government has released 16 crores for its further renovation. This money should be spent judiciously and in a time bound manner. These should be no further delays and disappointments.
Yours etc….
Koushal Sharma


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