Remain vigilant against those pitting one community against other: Omar

NC vice president Omar Abdullah addressing a public rally in Kalakote on Thursday.
NC vice president Omar Abdullah addressing a public rally in Kalakote on Thursday.

Gopal Sharma

JAMMU, May 19: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah today said that ruling dispensation’s dim-witted policies have affected every section in J&K.
While addressing a large gathering at Kalakote in Rajouri today, Omar said the incumbent ruling party only works to create divisions. They only bank on fostering hate and pitching communities against each other. Having failed on every matrix, they will pitch Kashmir against Jammu, Gujjars against Kashmiris and Paharis against Gujjars.

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“Their incompetence had affected every section of the society equally. Skyrocketing price rise, soaring unemployment and every day hike in taxes have hit everyone. They stand no chance in the elections, whenever they are held if their utter failures are taken into account. They bank on creating divisions to sail through. We don’t have to give them any chance to divide us. It is the discord in our rows that strengthens them. Our unity frets them,” Omar added.
Asking workers to live up to the changed times by increasing their reach out to people from different areas, Omar said that the party’s success has unnerved the powers that be.
“The success we have had in the DDC elections to a certain extent proved very detrimental to us. The results of the elections had established NC as a formidable force across Jammu and Kashmir, likewise in Kalakote. Keeping in view our enormous goodwill among the public, they hid behind the fig leaf of Delimitation Commission and restored to gerrymandering of assembly segments to help them electorally,” he maintained.
“Constituencies were redrawn after a well thought process, it was not by mistake or by any chance. Election results of DDC were kept in mind and the final award of the commission was crafted to benefit them. Now, we have to live up to the new reality and increase our outreach to regions and areas, where the good work done by our MLAs is unknown. We have to join people from those areas into our fold and inform them about the sheer amount of developmental activities done by NC leaders in their respective areas,” he said.
Later, Omar Abdullah addressed a public gathering at Lambehri in Rajouri, where he discussed the challenges faced by people and asked them to strike unity to defeat the forces which are hell bent to divide J&K on the lines of caste, creed, region, sects and religion.
JKNC general secretary Ali Mohd Sagar, senior leaders Mian Altaf, Javed Rana, Rattan Lal Gupta, Ajaz Jan and Th Yashvardhan Singh also spoke on the occasion.