Release 6 percent DA

The Govt has not released 6 percent DA yet due wef July 2015 in favour of the State employees as well as pensioners. A number of requests through various employees leaders have been made to Govt on different occasions but it has not accepted till date.
From the past experience, it has been generally observed that whenever new DA rate is enhanced State Govt sleeps over  this issue. I fail to understand why it so happens. Every year our Govt passes Financial Budget wherein provision for salary as well as DA is clearly mentioned but everytime Govt shows its helplessness. It is  released after 8-10 months and then credited in GF account, which is not a good practice.
It is again requested to the Govt that 6 percent DA be immediately released with arrears in cash as new installment of DA from January 2016 to employees of GOI has become due which is applicable to State employees also.
Yours etc…
Rakesh Sharma
Greater Kailash, Jammu


The Central Govt. has released and paid 6 percent  DA in favour of Central Govt. employees and pensioners and family pensioners due from July 1, 2015 since long.
But the J&K State Govt. has not released it till date in favour of the State Govt. employees, pensioners and family pensioners despite many requests made by various State Govt. Employee Associations and Pensioner Association as well to J&K State Govt. from time to time through print/electronic media and also meeting the J&K Finance Minister personally couple of times. Since, the prices of the essential commodities besides all other commodities are in inflationary stiuation, therefore, the Govt of J&K Finance Minister must come to the rescue of the Govt. employees pensioners and family pensioners by way of issuing immediate formal orders for release of 6 percent DA due from July 2015 in cash instead of creating it to GP Fund of Employees.
In addition to the above, the Medical Allowance may also be enhanced from the present Rs. 300 to Rs 1500 for Govt. employees and Rs. 2000 for pensioners and family pensioners keeping in view the present time ailments, doctors high consultation fee which at least varies, from Rs 200 to Rs 500 and is valid just for (10-15) days only which means Rs 600 to Rs 900 per month besides the high prices of the medicines and tests etc.
Besides above, the Festival Advance  which is just Rs 500 paid to an employee at the time of any festival like Diwali, Idd, Shivratri, Gurupurab and Christmas etc has remained un-enhanced since decades ago. I fail to understand, is it possible for an employee to celebrate any festival on a meagure sum of Rs. 500 particularly when a festival comes in the middle of the month? The reply is capital NO. Therefore, the Govt is also requested to enhance the Festival Advance also from existing Rs 500 to at least one month’s salary/total basic pay of an employee which can be deducted/refunded from the salary of the Govt employee by the concerned Drawing and Disbursing Officers  DDO(s) and as such it is not a burden on the Govt. exchequer.
Therefore,, it is requested to the Govt of J&K Finance Minister to kindly concede the above mentioned genuine demands and dues at an earliest in the best interest of the State Govt. employees, pensioners and family pensioners as well so that they may not face any financial hardship.
Yours etc…
Ashok K Koul (Lalpuri)
45 Ajeet Colony Extn. Gole Gujral, Jammu


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