Rein in the mining mafia

Many a time, it has been brought into the notice of the concerned authorities that mining mafia in and around Kathua has been active for quite some time in looting the building material extracted from the river with impunity. The situation has reached to such a pass that the people feeling threatened and concerned are out on roads against the authorities of the Geology and Mining Department. The protestors from the spot were candid in admitting that the loot was taking place under the very nose of the Mining,Forest and Police Departments.
The ban appears just on papers about the mining activities whereas the mafia do have field day(s) in operating trolleys and other vehicles for taking the booty to make money. The mafia is too emboldened to be confronted with by the common people – the residents of the area. The interesting part of the matter is that the Mining Department stopped and prevented some people from collecting “some” sand for building purposes while the mafia has no such restrictions. The authorities must swing into action and effectively rein in the mining mafia.