REIKI- The Divine Healing

Reecha Gupta
My hands are a gift of the divine and possess all healing powers, It’s touch is very pious.
Reiki is an incredible Japanese system of alternative medicine called spiritual healing is ages old. The prana-urja Reiki that stream through all living souls is an abundant gentle spiritual energy that is not constrained to any specific religion or nationality. Certainly from the time immemorial we have gathered that Reiki masters and many of our sages use a technique which is ‘Palm Healing’ or ‘Hands on Healing’ by which a divine universal energy gets directed through the palms of the master to the sufferers in order to stimulate emotional, physical, or spiritual healing.
The Reiki master believes that each and every human has the proficiency to connect with their own healing and avail oneself of it to strengthen energy in themselves and also to help others. It is based upon the notion that all humans have energy fields or life forces that keep them spirited. However, the true source of Reiki energy is rooted therein with us. This does not indicate that we utilize our innate energy while performing Reiki but the energy coming from the transcendental part of thyself is connected to an infinite supply of energy from supreme dimensions. So, it is good to say that the Reiki master is the conduit between the sufferers and the source of the universal life force.
The origin of the saying Reiki is derived from two Japanese words.
Rei – universal spirit or God’s wisdom
Ki – life force or prana urja
Reiki – Universal life force energy
Reiki is an ancient practice of healing that dates back to about 2500 years, but was unremembered for ages. It is not wrong if we say that the ancient Reiki roots hail from India. Evidence of which is found in the sacred discourses of Lotus Sutras of Buddha and Atharv Vedas but because of unenlightenment it got passed through Tibet and China to Japan till the day Usui rediscovered it. Hence, It was in the early 19th century that the practice was resumed by a Buddhist Monk named Mikao Usui, a Japanese scholar who was born in 1865 in the city of Kyoto Japan.
In his quest to realise a healing energy from within Usui decided to meditate and fast for 21 days on Mt. Kurama, a sacred, spiritual place near Tokyo. On the very 21st day of his austerity, he was dramatically blessed with a beam of white light ‘Reiki’ from the universe and got enlightened. Soon after he realized that Reiki being a spiritual energy gave him a phenomenal ability to heal and access anyone at the core rather than body. So Usui layout to frame a system that would assist a person’s spiritual progression as well as to heal the mind by virtue of a God-sent spiritual ability. Reviewing the fact, Usui decided to dedicate his life towards his search and hence become a Reiki channel to initiate others into this spiritual and divine tradition of energy healing. It is all because of his disciplined perseverance that today we have the divine blessings of Reiki. This is how the traditional Reiki story roots with Dr. Usui.
In accordance with Dr Usui, the philosophy of Reiki is rooted in the five principles. These principles serve as mantras to help guide our thoughts and actions each day. The five Reiki principles are the spiritual tenets of Reiki. They were taught by Dr Usui and continue to work as a staple in the modern Reiki curriculum. Mikao Usui, who created the spiritual practice of Reiki, quoted “these principles are the key to living a happy life and serving a medicine to the soul-“,says Jamie Wozny, a Reiki master at DEN meditation.
“The Reiki principles are there to encourage us to embody the Reiki energy throughout the day, everyday. They speak to the importance of one day at a time”,says Reiki master Nina Endrst.
Let’s peep deeper into what the Reiki principles are and how we can practice them to stay more spirited in our everyday lives.
Just for today, I will not be angry
Just for today, I will not worry
Just for today, I will do my work honestly
Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing
Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings
Humbly every morning and evening join hands in prayer and chant these admonitions with all your heart.
Reiki is not instructed in the conventional way like the other healing techniques are instructed. It is simply transmitted to the mentee by the Reiki master through the process called Attunement. The Reiki attunement is a potent spiritual experience which creates an unusual connection between the mentee and the Reiki source.While Reiki attunement some mentee brief about experiences involving warmth in the palm chakra, vision of colours and images, opening of the third eye,raised level of consciousness and so on.Through clairvoyance these exceptional energies are guided by the powers from the higher dimensions thus making adjustments in the mentee’s energy pathways and connecting the mentee to the divine source of Reiki.
As soon as one receives an attunement, the person is blessed with the ability to practice Reiki. Hereinafter, whenever one sets his palm on himself or on another person with the intention of performing Reiki, the healing energy will intuitively begin flowing. Once the Reiki attunement is received, the person has Reiki for the rest of their life. It does not wear off and the person can never forfeit it.
Reiki is directed by ‘Rei’ or ‘God- consciousness’, it can never torment anybody. It always intuit what a person requires and will adjust itself to create the effect that is appropriate for them.
Since it is a channeled healing, the Reiki healer’s energies are never depleted. In fact, the Reiki consciousness considers both practitioners and the sufferer to be in need of healing. Therefore, in a way both get treated. Through this way, giving a healing enlarges one’s energy and leaves one embraced with a loving feeling of well- being.
The aim of Reiki is to stimulate good health and abundance by balancing various energy fields in our body. In its long history of practice it has aided in healing virtually every known illness and injury. Wherein Reiki practitioners believe mental, physical, and emotional ripples can occur in our body if this energy is reduced or blocked. Research suggests that Reiki enlarges the prana energy flow in our body, hence it has shown a positive outcome on all forms of ailments like mental suffering , anxiety, depression, head or stomach aches, bee stings, cold, flu as well as serious illnesses like heart diseases, cancer, leukemia, thyroid, diabetes and many others. Bear in mind that Reiki can only do good and induce positive vibrations to the sufferer. Not astonishingly, pregnant women who have received Reiki treatment have led them and their unborn child to great benefits. Reiki too works as a miracle on plants, animals and other creatures in the universe and they have been observed responding well to Reiki energy. When the prana energy is high and flowing freely, we are less likely to get sick. Thus life force plays a salient role in everything we undertake.
Reiki increases a caregiver’s ability to provide patients with a glowing radiance and spiritual experience. Reiki is being successfully integrated into numerous clinical settings to complement medical care as well as psychological counselling. As of today, Reiki has been used in several hospitals and clinics globally as a substitute therapy. Among many hospitals like Tucson Medical Center in Arizona, St. Luke’s Hospital in San Francisco, California and St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne are associated with Reiki masters to reduce the outbreak of several diseases like cancer or any serious surgery also helps to ease suffering and perturbation to the patient as well as his dear ones.
Believe Reiki is the enigmatic art of delving into happiness and keeping your being away from the pull of negative vibes.