Regulate mining to avoid revenue losses

Why should it take so long to get environmental clearance in favour of the successful bidders of mining that the Government prefers losing crores of Rupees of revenue in the shape of royalty etc from the process of mining? The other fallout of this peculiar go slow policy is the common man suffering on account of building material from the mining skyrocketing due to shortage as mining process was not started. Those truckers and dealers of mining products too are facing problems of bread and butter as their activities are linked with mining activities.
It is beyond comprehension that out of the 185 blocks identified for mining activities in Kashmir region, only 15 have got environmental clearance. This has given rise to illegal mining taking place and material for black topping of roads is coming from this illegal mining source fairly in know of the administration. Agreed, police is taking action in respect of illegal mining and even trucks are seized, owners heavily fined, driver spending at least a week in police custody, trucks remaining idle while Bank Loans repayment suffers. This all could be avoided provided bottlenecks and red-tape could be done away with to allow legal mining. Government needs to augment its revenue base for obvious reasons, why loose this conventional source?