Registration under Central Pharmacy Act

It may be recalled that hundreds of chemists and druggists across Jammu and Kashmir as also Ladakh were moving from pillar to post for renewal of registration or registration of new units but an air of uncertainty looming large had created fears in them on various counts including closure of some of their business units . That uncertainty is now over as it has been decided to accord registration of such persons registered under Jammu and Kashmir Pharmacy Act under the Central Pharmacy Act. Pharmacy Council of India has given its approval for the same.
While it is a moment of great relief to both the whole sale and retail druggists and chemists , it also allays fears of any sort of closure of any outlets on the grounds of not being eligible under the Central Pharmacy Act. Late last year , through these columns, ‘Excelsior’ voiced concern that thousands of people were engaged in the trade of medicines and were earning their livelihood which needed to be taken due care of and as such a proposal to insert Section 32 C in the Central Pharmacy Act 1948 for according special provisions in respect of persons registered under the erstwhile but repealed J&K Pharmacy Act has been approved to be forwarded to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.