Register drones or face action

One time opportunity has been given to the “owners” of drones estimated to be around 50000 to 60000 in number to register them by January 31 or be prepared to face consequences under the Indian Penal Code and the Aircraft Act. Only a few weeks back, instances of some ‘mysteriously ‘ intruded drone wreckage was found in some border area of Punjab and a few instances of strafing and dropping of some weapons too were reported. To pre-empt any move of intrusion, sabotage or tinkling with security set up by drones , the Government has taken a very right step in this direction.
The Government appears to be well aware of presence of such drones and drone operators especially along border areas hence the decision to register them and regulate their functions. It is also in the context of the January 3 incident when Iranian Army General Soleimane was killed in a drone attack near Bagdad that the registration of these flying machines is decided by the Government and to regulate the use of civil drones in Indian air space. The decision requires total compliance being concerned with safety and security measures as the registered drone owners would be issued Unique Identification Number , Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit and other requisite permissions to facilitate easy identification and tracing.