Recruitment scam in JKEDI

Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development Institute (JKEDI) has come into the limelight not for any feat or a remarkable work done but appointments made in a fraudulent and irregular manner right since the inception of the Institute. The audits conducted have revealed that the entire recruitment process lacked transparency and was with all ambiguity starting from the advertisement of the posts to engaging the candidates in employment.
Obviously, this all must have been done for considerations and towards that objective, even the recruitment notifications issued by the Institute had been all mired in ambiguity. It was all done only to benefit and adjust the favourite candidates. Orders issued by the Institute were found not being in conformity with terms and conditions of the advertisements leaving enough room to smell a rat. Those who were engaged on contract basis for a year or two were found having been out- rightly confirmed just after completion of the contractual period. In other words, those who were better placed with regard to qualifications, experience and research background did not apply for the posts fearing uncertain future looking to the way the posts were advertised resulting in less and unhealthy competition. Even in matters of payment of salaries, gross irregularities have been committed calling for a thorough probe.