Recruitment rules for posts of Police SIs, Inspectors


Certain ambiguities and absence of set rules in respect of promotion of Executive Police and Armed Police and other guidelines for recruitment not being there etc had all led to confusion and controversy. However,the full Bench of Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) has decided and resolved the pending controversy. Not only that, its directions to the UT administration to consider feasibility of framing of recruitment rules for all wings of the Jammu and Kashmir Police should be seriously acted upon by the Government. Needless to add, absence of rules with amendments from time to time governing recruitment , promotions and the like , more so in the Police Force, depicts how our such a type of system is still getting dragged on without proper reforms and transparency. In personnel matters , extra care is needed to be taken where functioning should strictly be under such set rules and guidelines. In the same way, much controversy and scope for manipulations do take place if timely common seniority list is not prepared and kept updated . Not only that, each and every personnel should be advised one’s seniority number each year so as to create a sense of trust and transparency in the system. The Tribunal desiring the entire exercise getting completed within three months must be adhered to . Since the entire Police Force of Jammu and Kashmir is one unit, likewise policies and rules too for each wing should also confirm to the same. It is to be noted that reasonably complete satisfaction in the Police Force in matters of recruitment , seniorities and promotion etc was imperative which the Government needs to keep in mind.