Recruiting agencies and selection process


Why should the recruiting agencies as also the appointing authorities in Jammu and Kashmir take the process of selection and making appointments in Government services to go all as per their whims instead of following the set rules is a pertinent question. Selection process of the candidates should normally be done in a reasonable timeframe which should be the norms even in the absence of the statutory provisions but despite such provisions being in place coupled with repeated instructions by the Government, usually inordinate delay for no specific reasons is caused in the entire process. If the recruiting process is outsourced and delay is caused due to unspecified reasons, blacklisting such an agency would send clear messages of meaning absolute business by the Government and entertaining no alibis. Not only is this unwarranted practice of delays creating enough room for speculations but weakens the levels of the trust of the aspiring and successful candidates in the entire system which should be avoided at all costs. However, it is not disputed that due to host of reasons like an injunction from a court, constraints of unspecified and unpredictable nature etc some delay may take place and may disturb other parameters like the due date or the validity period and a change or an amendment to a rule. In that case, since the delay caused would be due to unavoidable reasons, a relaxation in a rule could be allowed or the fixed timeline stretched a bit further. However, timely processing of the selection / waiting list or any other list is believed to be the general accepted norm which can be altered , amended or deferred only under exceptional circumstances and that too with the permission of the General Administration Department. Moreover, the nature of the assignment being of sensitive nature, it requires not only complete and irrefutable transparency but speed as well. Any wilful delay must definitely be accounted for