Reconciliation between communities

Apropos D.E news clipping dated 22nd of June 22 regarding KPSG, Ashok Bhan is very explicit and sincere in his views regarding the concern of KPs and their life in exile for none of their fault and so comes up with a suggestion/ mission. I believe the mission undertaken by the Chairman KPSG Ashok Bhan is all commendable and praise worthy that sends a message to the entire Kashmiri community irrespective of their religion and region to put off all matters of differences, distractions and destructions and come to a negotiating table with positive and sincere thought that enough is enough, now forgot and forgive and think about the Kashmiri ethos of brotherhood, tolerance, accommodation and follow the doctrine of “Kath-Baath”. How interesting and touching our soul it is to realize the fact that much has been lost, the time, the money, the energy, the youth, the precious lives without any positive or desirable outcome. So, why not to develop a sense of trust and hope on each other to bridge the gap of mistrust of ourselves.
We support that negotiation with sincere efforts is sure to bring a ray of hope and kindle our mind and thought with new vigour of hope to usher in love and affection among the people of two communities and accomodate and tolerate one another for living a life of true human beings. Kashmir that is known for its worth and warmth since times immemorial should revive again into its original glory and way of life. I again express my blessings to Mr Bhan Saheb and pray God for his happy and sure success in this noble mission of reconciliation.
B L Bhat
Bhori Anand Nagar, Jammu