Real Kashmir

Refer news item ‘Real Kashmir look to continue dream run..” DE Aug 21, 2019.
Real Kashmir, the football team from Jammu & Kashmir is slowly and steadily carving a space on national football canvas. The players despite facing many odds have performed exceptionally well in 129th Durand Cup presently underway in Kolkata.
Coach of the team Robertson has very well said “Real Kashmir is all about being against the odds and coming up trumps. We play with heart and soul”.
The success of the team at national level is surely going to give a filip to the game in Jammu and Kashmir. There is pool of talent in J&K, but the same has not been tapped yet due to prevailing circumstances in the State, and the apathetic attitude of the administration towards the sports sector. It does not matter to people in J&K whether Real Kashmir lifts the cup or not, what matter the most is that Real Kashmir emerges one of the formidable teams in the coming times.
Veer Singh