R&B Deptt sans 6 posts of CEs

One of the reasons for not clearing the names for those who fulfilled the eligibility criteria for the posts of Chief Engineers in the Roads and Buildings Department could be buying time to find ways of accommodating the blue eyed. If it is not so, then what rationale is there that as many as six posts are not filled in the concerned department while availability of the incumbent officials is very much there .
What could be the reason for keeping the post of the Chief Engineer ERA vacant since May 2019 and how much decision making process and the important works must be suffering in that department could be anybody’s guess. The same is true of other departments, power projects, Universities etc. In matters of promotions, transfers, settling cases of gross misconduct, suspensions and reinstatements, enquiries and prosecutions, there should be a uniform personnel policy where for each cause and action, fixed time line should be scrupulously adhered to. That would give no room for any speculations or conjectures. Besides, the administration in the concerned departments would not suffer at all. We hope that both the mindset as well the obsolete work culture of this hue would be done away with sooner than later.


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