Raytheon Wins $205Mln to Build Phalanx Missile Defense Systems for US Military – Statement

WASHINGTON, Jan 24: US weapons manufacturer Raytheon in a press release said the company won a Pentagon contract worth more than $205 million for a land-based version of the Phalanx MK-15 Gatling gun anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system. “Raytheon Company Missile Systems [of] Tucson, Arizona was awarded a $205,205,445 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract for land-based Phalanx weapon system,” the release stated on Wednesday. The Phalanx MK-15 weapons system is a radar-guided 20mm Gatling gun providing “inner layer point defense capability against anti-ship missiles, aircraft and littoral warfare threats,” according to a US Navy fact file.
The Phalanx is unique in that it is the only deployed close-in weapon system capable of autonomously performing its own search, detect, evaluation, track, engage and kill assessment functions, the fact file said.