Rath on the Road

I live near Police Welfare Filling Station Gandhinagar. On 27th March, at about 8 AM, while I was at the Police Filling Station Gandhinagar, the policeman filling petrol in my car exclaimed, Rath Sahib seems to have come. Inquisitive to see IGP Traffic in action, I asked him where he was. He said he had a glance and the boots that he saw suggest that he is Rath Sahib. I saw a reddish Matador standing on the road and a Bike with driver infront of it. Some light vehicle were also standing while some moving at a slow pace both ways. All the five policemen at the filling station got alert. Just then Mr. Rath appeared from the other side of the Matador, moving around fast, kicked the Matador’s entrance door hard, went inside and came out after sometime. Thereafter he sat at the Bike’s pillion, went a little ahead, turned back and checked few light vehicles. At the same time a Matador coming fast from Panama Chowk side slowed seeing him. Mr. Rath signalled the driver to follow. My happiness seeing IGP Traffic in action apart, what makes me write is the statement of the policeman at the filling station. He said “Ek officer ne itna sudhar kiya hai. Agar teen-char aise officer hun to itni police ki zarurat nahin”. The other policemen murmured similar feelings.
IGP is a very senior rank in the police with tremendous authority as well as challenges. Infact every policeman’s job is challenging. An IGP, casually dressed in black tea-shirt, dark trousers and his typical ankle boots (referred by the policemen), moving around individually on the pillion to set the traffic right is unprecedented. The traffic policemen earlier caught people for wrong parking, now they help and guide. It shows that if the leader is right, everything will be right. That goes for all leaders. There must be many police officers working with same zeal to set the things right. But for them there would be anarchy. Seeing Mr. Rath getting own subordinates’ appreciation, I am sure the young officers will dare to emulate him and get applause.
Yours faithfully
Col J P Singh
Gandhi Nagar.