Rana calls for incorporating chapter on Mian Dido in primary curriculum

Excelsior Correspondent

Provincial President NC, Devender Singh Rana addressing a congregation at Jagti on Saturday.
Provincial President NC, Devender Singh Rana addressing a congregation at Jagti on Saturday.

NAGROTA, Apr 30: Leading thousands of Jammuites in paying homage to iconic warrior and Duggar pride Mian Dido, Provincial President National Conference Devender Singh Rana today sought inclusion of a chapter on his saga of valour in academic curriculum at primary level for posterity to take inspiration from his great struggle against exploitation.
“Mian Dido fought for the just rights of millions and the best way of paying tribute to him will be to imbibe the spirit of his inclusiveness and work for harmonious society based on equality and social justice”, Mr Rana said while addressing a huge congregation at Jagti, the birthplace of the Dogra pride this afternoon.
He dwelt in detail on the life and struggle of Mian Dido, saying reverence for him is still echoing in the folk songs sung in his remembrance by the indebted people. He said the land of warriors would never compromise with the identity and dignity for which Mian Dido waged a relentless war over two centuries ago.
“This day also reminds us of great Jammu heroes, who have struggled in their own way to carve out a place of honour for the selfless people of Jammu”, Mr Rana said and stressed the need for passing on the glorious Duggar heritage to posterity, especially at a time when the society was ridden by hatred and intolerance. He hoped the intelligentsia will come forward and generate awareness about the towering spiritual figures like Mian Dido, who strived all their lives for strengthening the bonds of communal amity and brotherhood.
“By incorporating a chapter on his life in the academic curriculum at basic level, the younger generation will come to know how their ancestors upheld the human values during most testing times”, the Provincial President, who is also MLA from the Nagrota Assembly Constituency said, adding that the indelible imprint laid by Mian Dido has been serving as a guiding philosophy, which is why Jammu retains the spirit of accommodation, coexistence and tolerance. He said the life of Mian Dido has been full of selfless service and sacrifice that remains the high point of Jammu ethos even now.
Calling upon the people to work for building a harmonious society, as envisioned by iconic figures like Mian Dido, Mr Rana cautioned against machinations of anti harmony elements saying their attempts needs to be foiled by marinating traditional unity at all cost and on the face of grave provocation. He described unity in diversity as a very strong point of Jammu and Kashmir and said this ethos is needed to be nurtured so that the State retains its uniqueness. He said Jammu has always opened up its arms for all those who were forced by the circumstances and the situation to abandon their homes this is only because the selfless warriors like Mian Dido nourished and nurtured this spirit at the altar of their lives.


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