Rana calls for spreading awareness about ecological balance, drug abuse

Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana addressing a congregation.
Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana addressing a congregation.

Shri Gou Gopal Paryavaran Sammelan

Excelsior Correspondent

BHALWAL July 2: Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana today underscored the need for reaching out to people and spreading awareness about maintaining ecological balance and substance abuse to achieve the objective of Nasha Mukht Vishawa.
“The need for such a mass campaign assumes significance now than ever before because of the depleting green gold, growing population and vulnerability to drugs by the most precious component of the society”, Rana said while addressing Shri Gou Gopal Paryavaran Sammelan at Seri Paanditan in Bhalwal here this afternoon in the august presence of His Holiness Shri Gangadhar Ji Shastri.
He lauded the relentless efforts of His Holiness Shri Gangadhar Ji Shastri in generating environmental awareness through religious awakening discourses, saying this is bound to have a lasting impact on the people and motivate them to be part of this noble mission for the greater good of humanity. The youth in particular should be thrust into such discourses to make them understand the crucial importance of a healthy and fit body for having a calm mind. Taking care of health is imperative before it is too late and to make it achievable, the awakening campaigns are of immense importance, he added.
The Senior BJP leader complimented Shastri Ji for blessing Jammu with such environmental-friendly and educative Sammelans, saying these will help in generating mass awareness about the evils encountered by the society, especially on account of depleting forest resources and growing tendencies among youth towards drugs.
In his enlightening discourse at the Sammelan, Shri Gangadhar Ji Shastri said the religious discourses and recitation of Vedic hymns will energise the atmosphere, which will lead to protection of environment and bring positive change in the minds of people. He stressed the need for taking good care of the earth and environment, which stand guarantee for a healthy human race.
“Even for worshiping God, healthy body and healthy mind is imperative, Shri Gangadhar Ji Shastri observed
Urging the people, especially the youth for adopting a healthy lifestyle, Shastri Ji said health is the first and foremost prerequisite for a healthy society. He sought carving out of an enabling environment so that the vulnerable section of youth desists from drugs that is the biggest challenge to the world.