Ram Temple Ordinance can be considered only after judicial process is over: Modi

NEW DELHI: Accusing Congress of delaying the judicial process on the Ram Temple, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday made it clear that an Ordinance on the Temple can be considered only after legal process on the issue is completed.

In a series of tweets in which he posted excerpts of interview, the Prime Minister said, ”I want to appeal to the Congress not to use their lawyers to delay the judicial process on the Ram Temple.”

”Let the judicial process take its own course. Don’t weigh it in political terms. Let the judicial process be over. After the judicial process is over, whatever be our responsibility as Government, we are ready to make all efforts,” Mr Modi said.

The matter is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court on January 4. Petitions have been filed in the apex court for day-to-day hearing in the case. (AGENCIES)