Rajouri-Poonch faced neglect under ‘BJP-PDP’: PCC chief

PCC chief GA Mir addressing Cong Convention at Surankot in Poonch on Monday.
PCC chief GA Mir addressing Cong Convention at Surankot in Poonch on Monday.

Excelsior Correspondent
POONCH, Feb 11: Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) chief GA Mir today alleged that Rajouri-Poonch area faced severe discrimination and neglect under previous BJP-PDP Coalition Government.
Addressing large convention of party workers at Surankote today, Mir castigated the previous Government for ignoring the border districts. They completely failed on its agendas of development. He said Surankote is far behind in the field of education. He also criticised the previous Ministry of Youth, Services and Sports as there is not a single playground for youth in Surankote area. Mir said youth are being spoiled by the drug mafia in the whole region. Their energy is not being channelized in the right direction. He said MP Jugal Kishore has not done any work in Surankote and PDP-BJP Government divided people in the name of Gujjars and Paharis.
Mir said Congress alone can ensure equitable development in all three regions of the State while keeping a close focus on neglected, remote and backward areas. He said Congress represents each and every section, region and religion of the society and has the vision, policies and programs for the welfare and unification of people of different shades. He said Congress alone can ensure equitable development of all three regions in the State.
He referred to the massive financial support during Congress led UPA regime at the Centre which “witnessed lot of economic development and infrastructure building in different parts of the State including the construction of prestigious Mughal Road project connecting the twin border districts with Kashmir valley”. He said this road serves as a alternative route between Jammu-Srinagar via Rajouri-Poonch.
Mir also referred to the setting up of separate Tourism Development Authorities besides sanctioning of various Educational and Health Institutions in the region including Government Medical College at Rajouri, besides survey of the Railway project amounting to more than Rs 13612 crore to connect Rajouri-Poonch through railway. PCC chief asked party workers and the people to maintain the secular tradition of brotherhood at all costs and “defeat the mischievous elements from across the border”.
PCC senior vice president Mula Ram launched a scathing attack on previous BJP-PDP Government for “unholy combination “after they contested elections on different plank and raised the emotional issue of two regions”. He said that previous coalition failed to ensure justice to each region and held BJP responsible for surrendering the interests of people and throwing the elections promises to the dustbin.
Former MLA Surankote, Choudhary Mohammad Akram in his address criticized “the approach of the Centre Government towards downtrodden and poor sections” of the society and also accused Government of “neglecting’ the farmers devastated in floods. He highlighted the local problems like unemployment, road connectivity, education and health facility on the occasion.