Rajnath Singh asks Pakistan why it wants to destabilise and divide India

Maharashtra, Dec 24: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday charged Pakistan and asked why it was trying to destabilise and divide India. He also lauded security forces for foiling such designs.
He inaugurated various developmental projects at a gathering in the Dondaicha area of Dhule.
Addressing the gathering, Rajnath Singh took a jibe at Pakistan by saying, “I want to ask our neighbouring country as to why they want to destabilise, divide our country? Earlier, there was no airstrike, surgical strike but we did and gave a message that we can kill terrorists in our territory and across the border also.”
The Union Minister also spoke about the developments in the political sphere in the country.
“Due to differences in the words and deeds of politicians, people started losing trust in politicians. Our government accepted this as a challenge and are working to end it. We do what we say,” said the Union Minister.
On December 12, Singh had said, “Pakistan wants to break India by promoting terrorism and the Indian security forces foiled these plans in 1971 and now work is going on to eliminate terrorism from the root.”
Defence Minister had pointed out that a neighbouring country is continuously fighting a proxy war with India.
“This war also tells us that the partition of India on the basis of religion was a historical mistake. Pakistan was born in the name of one religion but it could not remain one. After the defeat of 1971, our neighbouring country is continuously fighting a proxy war in India,” he had said. (AGENCIES)