Rajasthan to see more power cuts as electricity demand soars

Jaipur, May 6:In view of the high electricity demand than the availability, the Rajasthan Government has decided to go in for more power cuts, days after providing a breather by reducing the scheduled daily outage.
The State Government had reduced the scheduled power cut timing from May 1 but has again decided to cut power across the state as per the schedule announced on April 28.
Essential services will be exempt from power cuts, an official statement said.
Chairman of Rajasthan Discoms, Bhaskar A Sawant said continuous efforts are being made by the state government and electricity corporations to supply adequate power to the electricity consumers.
For this, after reviewing the demand, availability and supply status of electricity every day, efforts are being made to ensure that there are minimum power cuts.
Sawant said that due to increase in demand and lack of availability of electricity, power cuts were implemented as per schedule announced on April 28 in divisional headquarters, district headquarters, municipal areas and villages having population of more than 5,000.
However, from May 1, the power cut timings were reduced.
The average demand of electricity in the state till 4 pm on May 5 was 11,618 MW and average availability was 11,558 MW and maximum demand was about 14,503 MW.
He said that on May 6, the average power availability in Rajasthan would be 11,062 MW and the expected average demand is 11,895 MW. The maximum demand is estimated to be 14,400 MW. (PTI)