Rahul’s Resignation

This refers to the article, Rahul’s resignation “DE 08 July, 2019.
The author has narrated the bitter reality of the patron of the age old dominated political party of India.
The resignation of the party President at this crucial juncture is really a great setback for its followers and workers. A true custodian and saviour of the ship never flees from the ship unless the last hope of its survival diminishes.
Optimism is the real essence of a stable leader.
Rahul’s resignation is not a good sign for his party morale. Instead, it is the appropriate time for him to come forward and take the responsibility of defeat and start a new beginning with enthusiasm.
When the party is in deep crisis, such an action of the party head will create chaos and dilemma for its followers and grass root level workers.
A real fighter doesn’t quit easily in this manner.
Shyam Sudan