Rachna Vinod’s choicest Dogri poetry

This e-book of 47 poems in Dogri entitled “Adya Madya Geeten Bharya” written by RachnaVinod was very recently launched online by Inkalab Prakashan, Mumbai. In her choicest Dogri poems intricacies of emotions in various human relationships are expressed in simple language and meaningful words which will certainly appeal the common readership.
It is noteworthy that in her earlier book ‘Apni Gall’ (My Comment), she acknowledges the contributions of various writers in enriching Dogri literature and with firm faith in Mata Vaishno Devi , now Rachna Vinod has come out with her latest e-book with rhythmic title: “Adya Madya Geeten Bharya”.
The poems ‘Aa Partoche’, ‘Peer Basera’, ‘Barken de Parte’, ‘Mera Cheta Nai Basareyo’, ‘A Aththru Kee Aunde Ne’, ‘JiyaanUss’ and other convey subtle, philosophical attitude giving insight into sensitivity of human nature and values of life. It always give immense pleasure to go through her creative art of communication through poetic compositions . The reader will feel connected with the author who is known for her simple, straight and strong message without sermonizing.
One stanza from poem titled ‘Aa Partoche’ (Come let’s return) follows:
‘Aaon Ghrey Gi Partouche
Mata Phiri Leya Juan Jaagten- Kudiyen Ch
Oon Budde-Laththe Bachpaney ch Basoi Layche
Aaon Ghrey Gi Partouche’
(Come, let’s return to home.Wandered much among young guys.Take rest in old childhood.Come, let’s return to home)
Mark the style as also emotional binding in ‘Jiyaan Uss’ ( As We) as follows:
‘Doori Majboori Basso-Bus
Safar Haqiqi Sachcho-Sachch
Agar-Magar Nai Kall-Ajj
Tasso-Muss Nai Jiyaan Uss’
(Helpless living distant life is over. Real journey only Truth. No ifs ‘n buts today or tomorrow. Firmly committed as we are.)
Aptly and significantly, Ved Rahi, eminent litterateur, film and television producer- director and Dogri writer opines: “After going through Rachna’s poems I felt that Rachna is in love with words, she is inebriated in choosing words. Just as young girls play with dolls and toys, refining and decorating those with songs, they get completely engrossed in their games, same way Rachna dives in world of words. She picks them like pearls, puts them like stars, feeling their innermost emotional cries in music notes. … Selection of words is the main source of her pearls of poems”.
Worth mentioning that so far, Rachna Vinod has authored ten books in English, Hindi, Urdu and Dogri besides 30 poems in 10 anthologies of Hindi e-books. This book under review is also available in paperback edition and kindle edition on Amazon for catering to fast-growing Dogri readership . I certainly enjoyed this Dogri poetry with deep interest and it further promotes and enriches the Dogri language and its literature.