Rabies vaccine in Jammu hospitals

Now, we can expect anti rabies vaccine and Human Rabies Immunoglobulin injections in hospitals and Primary Health Centers in Jammu Division thanks to the kind intervention and direction by the  High Court which has seriously viewed its non availability at these places presently.
The Division Bench of Chief Justice BadarDurrez Ahmed and Justice Ali Mohammad Magray , after perusal of the affidavit of Health and Medical Education Department said the position of Jammu Division was quite shocking because most of the institutions do not have stocks of these vaccines and injections.  The concerned authorities were directed by the court to rectify the scenario immediately. The Bench directed the Director, Health Services Jammu to immediately take action and file the report before the court.
Interestingly, the court observed that certain hospitals were not having vaccines and injectionswhile as some others had the same in surplus, while going through the consolidated report filed by the H&ME Department along with the affidavit. As we all know that Jammu Division faces both monkeys as well as stray dogs menace and many biting instances take place, the availability of these important life savings vaccines was paramount. In other words, in the absence of the availability of such vaccines and injections, the human life stood imperiled.
The even dispersal of availability of such vaccines in Kashmir valley too is not satisfactory at all. The court took notice of this situation and observed that the management of anti rabies vaccines is not done properly and could not agree that any hospital or dispensary did not have such injections and directed the Health Department authorities to file fresh affidavit with regard to the action taken in the matter. A proper inventory needed to be properly maintained and updated by which at any point of time, their availability could be ensured, was what the court observed. In addition to the vaccines, the prime need is to sterilize a reasonable number of dogs and monkeys on daily basis to contain their growing numbers which posed grave danger to people especially the children.