“Quasi permanent” stay in FATF’s Grey List

Until October this year at least, Pakistan continues to be in the “Grey List” of the global terror financing watch dog FATF as it has again failed to check flow of money to terror groups like LeT and JeM. It may be noted that FATF has, based on facts and figures, been placing Pakistan on ‘Grey List’ since June 2018 and reviewing the developments periodically wherein Pakistan is not scoring the minimum requisite points to be spooned out from the restricted list. However, recently, its plenary held under the presidency of Xiangmin Liu from China decided about its continuance in the same brackets as before. Astonishing , though it looks, that despite such sanctions against it, Pakistan does not alter its state policy of promoting terrorism and religious hatred. This decision of the FATF comes close on heels of the US Country Reports on Terrorism which slammed Pakistan as a safe harbour for what it calls “regionally focussed terror groups” and thus allowing the two terror outfits to operate from its soil.
With this ‘sanction’ against Pakistan, India’s continuous stand on the issue that Pakistan was promoting , funding and supporting terrorism stands again vindicated. India has been pleading for suitable action against Pakistan as it has been extending active support to these terror groups whose prime target is India. Should that country continue to disregard the implications of such rating from the FATF, most probably it could slip down into ‘Black List’ with effect from the start of November 2020. The choice is solely of Pakistan.