Purchasing Jammer Vehicles


There are not only new types of threats posed to internal safety and security but new strategies and methodology are resorted to by anti national elements working at the behest of the hostile elements from across the border. Security forces , therefore, are required to and in fact they are having an upper hand in the entire process and thus have been thwarting nefarious attempts by militants to disrupt peace and cause damages. Using IED devices are one of those means employed by these undesirable elements which must be addressed and treated in a way that they are rendered ineffective and thus not cause any problem. Needless to add, as Pakistan is not tired to employ newer means to keep routes of sending arms to their trained agents in the UT and lately has been using drones for the purpose, consignments of IED material having been seized has posed a new challenge needing to be effectively met. Agreed, militancy and related acts of violence in Jammu and Kashmir are on last legs , still the decision of the Ministry of Home Affairs in deciding to sanction purchasing jammer vehicles to be used in the UT mainly in hyper sensitive areas in Kashmir to protect VVIPs is a right one and a fleet of 10 such remote controlled jammer devices mounted vehicles can go a long way in nipping any satanic design of militants to triggering IED blasts. Although the number of 10 vehicles, the cost of which is Rs.45 crore, are deemed to be sufficient to be used by the CRPF personnel, yet assessing the performance of these vehicles to utter satisfaction could lead to acquiring of more of such vehicles.