Public safety is paramount : Yogi

GAUTAM BUDDA NAGAR (UP), April 1 : Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Monday that public safety is paramount for him and that is why he does not feel the slightest fear in taking action against criminal elements.

Addressing the Prabuddh Varg Sammelan here, the Chief Minister said that the happiness of the people is of paramount importance to the current government. “There is no greater joy than seeing the people content. “Some say we fearlessly take action against criminals. However, I assert that my security is intertwined with the safety of the public. While there were governments that imposed curfews, ours is dedicated to organising grand Kanwar Yatras. They favoured curfews, we prioritise public welfare.”

He said, “The positive transformation witnessed within the country over the last decade is truly remarkable. On one hand, there’s a selfish family that has brought a curse upon Gautam Buddha Nagar, while on the other, there’s Modi’s family tirelessly working towards development in Noida.”

Yogi appealed to the voters to ensure the re-election of Dr.Mahesh Sharma from Noida to the House for the third consecutive term. “This is the same district that was once considered cursed for the Chief Ministers before 2017. I couldn’t comprehend why Gautam Buddha Nagar, despite being a part of Uttar Pradesh, was associated with such negativity from the Chief Ministers. Upon investigation, I realised that it was cursed due to the bureaucracy exploiting the people and enriching itself and its associates,” he said.

He said, “Arriving here in 2017, I witnessed the challenges firsthand. Public representatives diligently presented all the issues before me, emphasising that if solutions were found, Gautam Buddha Nagar could not only carve out a new identity but also propel UP as a growth engine for the nation.”

Recounted his interactions, the Chief Minister said, “Wherever I went, certain officers would approach me, expressing their grievances. They mentioned having invested in flats in Noida for their elderly parents years ago, yet despite the passage of 10, 12, or even 15 years, they hadn’t received possession. We directed the authorities to promptly implement the committee report and ensure that every buyer receives their rightful property. The result of everyone’s positive efforts is evident today, with Uttar Pradesh being recognised in a new light.”

Highlighting the exemplary conduct of the public representatives Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) he said that they serve as role models for those who uphold the principles of democracy.

Recounting an incident during the pandemic, Yogi said, “Land was allocated to an establishment amidst their challenges of Covid. Towards the end of 2022, they approached me for the inauguration. I was astounded by how quickly the centre, which incurred costs amounting to thousands of crores, was completed. Upon inquiry, I discovered that it was indeed ready. Its completion will pave the way for new investment proposals worth Rs 40,000 crore and provide employment opportunities for thousands of individuals.”

He highlighted the shift in investment trends, noting that while investments previously migrated from the region, over the past seven years, investments have been flowing in from across the globe. “If Prime Minister Narendra Modi is given a third term, within three years, we will position India as the third-largest economy globally. UP and Noida will play pivotal roles in achieving this objective,” he said.

The Chief Minister highlighted the significance of the Jewar Airport, the largest in South Asia, which is set to catalyze economic growth. “Before 2017, the mere mention of jewelry instilled fear. However, with the advent of the Jewar Airport, the narrative has shifted. This Airport is now attracting investments and is projected to boost Uttar Pradesh’s economy by Rs 1 lakh crore within a few years,” he said.

Emphasising that Gautam Buddha Nagar is a district flourishing with positive momentum, he said that everyone here will have to become Dr. Mahesh Sharma, they will have to fight the elections, but they should not be overconfident. “Wars and elections demand complete vigilance, strength, and caution,” he said.

Yogi said, “Every vote must be cast in favor of Dr. Mahesh Sharma. Among the 80 constituencies of Uttar Pradesh, symbolising beads in PM Modi’s garland, Gautam Buddha Nagar should contribute the highest number of votes. With maximum investments pouring in and comprehensive economic progress, the district offers abundant opportunities.”

He highlighted the multitude of developments in Noida, including the metro, dedicated freight corridor’s Eastern-Western junction, Airport, medical device park, Film City, and the district’s distinction of having the highest per capita income. He urged residents to break the past curse by participating in the electoral process and casting their votes. (UNI)