Public outreach

This has reference to the news item “New Industrial Policy shortly, Kashmir to be linked with rail in 2021” DE Jan 20, 2020.
It is quite good to see that groups of ministers are visiting Jammu and Kashmir to have an on the spot assessment of the situation post abrogation of Art 370, and Art 35-A.
The transition from statehood to a Union Territory brought in its wake a number of administrative challenges. The people of UT have been watching these developments very keenly with an expectation that some ‘good’ will happen to them as has been promised by the Union Government.
The period from Aug 5 upto this time seemed uneventful, it seemed as if the Government has come to a stand still. The people were perplexed as to whom one should approach for redressing the grievances.
With the visit of the Central Government ministers, a fresh lease of life has been induced in the lives of people.
It is expected that the visit may not prove just a ‘tour’ but fruitful mission. A mission which may take account of all issues confronting the people of this newly carved UT. The ministers must good the bureaucracy to refurnish its image among masses by redressing the grievances they confront on daily basis. A new era should start in J&K henceforth.
Veer Singh