Public must support Govt to fight Covid-19: Karan

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Mar 27: Former MP and Sadr-e-Riasat, Dr Karan Singh has appealed to the country people to get united and support Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and all the State Governments’ proactive measures to contain the spread of ‘lethal’ Coronavirus contagion.
In a statement issued here today, Dr Singh said, “The unprecedented global threat of the Coronavirus has had a profound impact on countries around the world, including India. The slew of measures taken by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, including the 21-day lockdown, are to be commended and supported by every citizen. What is needed, is on the one hand the effective implementation of the support projects for the weak and invulnerable sections of our society, particularly the daily wagers announced by the Finance Minister and on the other each individual meticulously following the lockdown and social distancing directions.”
“It is only possible, if the nation rallies upon that the Prime Minister’s commendable efforts will succeed in overcoming this existential threat. Also, let each one of us pray quietly to whatever aspects of the divine appeals to us for the inner strength and courage to meet the challenge before us,” Singh added.