Pt. Lekh Ram A Philanthropist, scholar

Bharat Bhushan Arya
Pt. Lekh Ram , popularly known as “Lekhramji Arya Pathik ” follower of Maharishi Dayanand Sarswati , was a staunch Arya Samajist .Pt. Lekhram was born on 8th day of Chaitra Vikrami Samvat 1915 (accordingly then 11th March 1858AD) at village Saidpur Dist. Jhelum of west Punjab (now in Pakistan). Father Pt. Tara Singh and mother Smt. Bhagbhari were happy to get a son but were unaware that the son of soil Pt. Lekh Ram will bring laurels not only to the family but to the whole nation by sacrificing his life for the cause of Vedic Dharam.He was well versed in Urdu, Pharsi and Punjabi.At the age of 18 Pt. Lekhram joined Police force and very shortly was promoted to the rank of Sergeant .At the age of 35 in the year 1893 AD Pt.Lekhram got married to a religious minded simple homely girl named Lakshmi Devi.
The turning point of his life was his visit to Ajmer on 17th May 1881 when he met founder of Arya Samaj Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati. During his meeting with Maharishi ,Pt. Lekhram discussed so many aspects of real life and Vedik Dharam . Pt Lekhram was impressed by the sermons and preachings of Maharishi .After the death of Maharishi Dayanand Sarswati in the year 1883, Pt. Lekhram left his job in 1884 and decided to follow and preach the path of “Vedic Dharam ” .
The then Arya Pratinidhi Sabha Punjab allotted to Pt.Lekhram the job of writing life history of Maharishi Dayanand Sarswati .To collect necessary data and informations relating to the life of Maharishi ,Pt.Lekhram had to travel to a number of different places in India where Maharishi visited during his life time . It was a challenging and a laborious job but Pt. Lekhram very efficiently performed it. The life history of Maharishi Dayanand Sarswati written by Pt. Lekhram is best of all other writers. Even during his said travels Panditji was spreading the message of Vedic Dharam by holding mass gatherings and even arranging intellectual religious debates with Hindu priests,Muslim moulvees and also Christian fathers . Panditji was intelligent enough to earn equal respect from all whether Hindus, Muslims , Sikhs and even Christians .
Another great work which was need of the hour but could not be continued after the death of Maharishi Dayanand Sarswati was “Shuddhi movement” (i.e.Return -ghar wapsi converted Hindus). Pt. Lekhram dedicatedly and sincerely started the Shuddhi work and continued it throughout his life without any fear which indeed became the cause of his martyrdom. On a fateful day of falgun Shukle three Vikrami Samvat 1954(Then 6th March 1897), a fanatic Muslim attacked Pt. Lekhram with a knife giving him a fatal wound which became the cause of martyrdom of Pt.Lekhram.
Some important events of life:
One day Pt. Lekhram left Lahore for Doraha by a mail train for some important work. When train was about to reach Doraha , though Doraha was not a stoppage for the train yet Panditji got ready with his luggage and as soon as train reached Doraha, he jumped out of the running train. The incident was a motivation to all those who were eagerly waiting to receive him at Doraha station. It is an example of his dedication towards the work.
Once Panditji went on a tour for some work of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha Punjab. On return he submitted his TA bill claiming fare for only one side. In Sabha’s office the person who was to pass the bill observed the discrepancy and requested him to correct the bill but he replied that since during his tour he had done his some personal work also as such he has claimed fare for only one side. It shows Panditji’s honesty and sincerity .
Both Pt. Lekhram and Pt. Aryamuni were very much interested to go to Chicago to attend World Religious Conference in the year 1893AD, to represent India to convey to the participants of other countries about Indian philosophy of Vedas i.e.Vedas are not only for Indians but for the welfare of whole world irrespective of caste, creed or colour.Unfortunately for some compelling reasons could not attend the said conference.
(The author is Pradhan , Arya Samaj, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu)