Provide birth and death anniversary of Ashoka: CIC to Govt

NEW DELHI, Sept 19: When is the birth and death anniversary of King Ashoka and whether it is celebrated?
Four ministries of Union Government–Defence, Finance, Home and Culture–have been tasked by the Central Information Commission to furnish the information.
Chief Information Commissioner R K Mathur issued this order on the plea of one Arun Kumar who wanted to know from the Prime Minister’s Office the dates of birth and death anniversary of legendary King Ashoka, whether they are celebrated and action plan regarding their celebration.
Kumar was told by the PMO that they have forwarded his request on dates and action plan regarding the celebrations to the Culture Ministry while query on whether it is celebrated has been marked to Defence Ministry, Home Ministry and Finance Ministry.
“The Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Secretary, Ministry of Defence and Secretary, Department of Economic Affairs are advised to provide the information to the appellant on his RTI application…,” Mathur said.
Ashoka was third monarch of the Mauryan dynasty. He was born in 304 BC and died in 232 BC. (PTI)