Protests and public property

Our preamble of the constitution starts with the very beautiful line …We the people of India. No doubt every inhabitant of this holy land is a stakeholder and caretaker of this nation. In our constitution there is clear cut mention of the duties and rights of the people of this nation. Our constitution is most artistically designed by the learned framer of it. Our constitution is an amalgamation of the various constitution of the world. All the positive and refined things were included in it. It came into existence after brainstorming of various great personalities of the country. But in recent times we have seen that people are stressing more on rights which are enshrined in the constitution. There is very less discussion on our responsibilities and duties. But the fact is that both rights and duties have equal weightage in our constitution. No doubt in a democratic set up everyone has the privilege to put their demands and opinions. There is full privilege to everyone to put his resentment and opinion in a peaceful and democratic way .But now a days a different trend can be seen everywhere while doing protests and agitation. In the name of protests people generally adopt the way of violence and anti-national activities. People generally choose the method of destroying of public property. It is a very undemocratic way of agitation and protests. We should keep in mind that public property is the treasure of our nation. Government has spent huge amount of budget every year for the construction and renovation of this public property. Moreover every public property is constructed by the tax money of common citizens of our country. It is the foremost duty of every civilized citizen of this country to protect this property on priority basis.
Recently we have seen that few misguided youths were trying to harm the public property. Various train boggies have been burnt into ashes. It is very shocking incident for all of us. There is an urgent need to give guidance to such youths. Moreover at the part of administration it is needed that some stern action must be taken to curb this challenge.The Government should take strict actions against such elements. Moreover, it is the duty of guardians to educate and guide their misguided and unaware children in this direction.Burning of trains and distroying of public property can not solve any issue .we are doing our own loss by damaging the public property. We should keep in our mind that our resentment is with Government and its policies not with machines and technology.
Shyam Sudan
on e-mail