Pros and Cons of Biometric Attendance Management System

The biometric technology enables the machine to recognize employees’ physical characteristics, most commonly iris, veins,and palm of hands, fingerprints, or facial features. And when the body details of a human, becomes the sole source of information for recognitions then more often it becomes vulnerable to get hacked.

Theadvantages associated with the biometric attendance management systems were making this device extremely popular. Is it guaranteed to give a proxy less attendance system, thus eliminates the cases of getting misused?

But in the wake of the global outbreak of coronavirus, the biometric attendance management system has become redundant and obsolete. Let’s see how the new KENT CamAttendance outclasses the biometric attendance management system.

  1. Security:

A biometric attendance management system provides solutions thatare more likely to get leaked. However, the cloud-based KENT CamAttendance, a TOUCHLESS facial recognition technology has negligible chances of getting hacked, as it uses AES 128-bit end-to-end data encryption with HTTPS corporate protocol for communication. Particularly for business owners who want a trusted security solution, theKENT CamAttendance can be extremely helpful. Also, it is a must-have system during a time like a pandemic so that the workplace becomes more safe and secure of any contamination.

  1. Accuracy:

Biometric attendance management systems operate with physical features that are not accessible from anywhere. However, the authentic touchless KENT attendance system, such as KENT CamAttendance, with a proprietary algorithm to distinguish between a real person and a printed picture can be a great choice for any organization. Their face recognition technology works in a fraction of a second and with an accuracy greater than 99.9%.

  1. Scalability:

Biometrics attendance ishighly susceptible to get hacked. Nowadays the banking details, security schemes, government programs, staff management, etc., uses the biometric data to link with our account. So, if some anti-social element gets access to this information, it may cause havoc to our personal life. So, it is better to conceal all chances of getting the data leaked by opting for the new KENT CamAttendance system, which is a totally safe and secured system.

  1. ROI:

The biometric solutions which were once considered as the best attendance system. However, in terms of getting ROI, the KENT CamAttendance comes out to be the best. You can keep track of thousands of employees with the ubiquitous cloud server and can directly sync it with the existing HRMS.

  1. Compliance:

Employees often work overtime, the biometric attendance management system does not alert the management regarding the workers’ overtime details. And the same has to be manually updated to the roster data, which is a tedious and hectic task. So the KENT CamAttendance will be extremely helpful where the device can be customized according to the work requirements. And also, when employees work overtime, they can beassured that it has been noticed.

Since every electronic device has some cons, here are the disadvantages of a biometric attendance management system:

  1. Error Rate:

Biometric machines are not foolproof and can make errors. Typically, there are two types of mistakes that biometric devices can make: False Rejection Rate (FRR) and False Acceptance Rate (FAR). It is known as FRR when the system refuses an approved person, and it is known as FAR when it recognizes an unauthorized person.

  1. Scanning Difficulty:

Some biometric modalities, such as fingerprint or iris scans, may have trouble scanning. It can occur for different reasons – sweaty fingertips, eyelashes, lens, eyelids, and corneal reflections. Iris or fingerprint scanning may not be as accurate for these purposes. However, now with the advancement in facial recognition technology, these disadvantages are taken care of.

Switch to a Touchless Attendance System

Every day industries are becoming sophisticated and complicated, the TOUCHLESS attendance management method is the best alternative to a biometric attendance management system, to hassle-free deal with the attendance management system. This device is framed by fixing all loopholes associated with the hitherto present attendance management system in the workplace.The benefits of an automated attendance management system, however, outweigh the issues associated with it, especially if you consider the cost of effort and time spent on it by the employees and faculty.

When looking for the best attendance management system for your office, you must consider touchless devices like KENT CamAttendance. They offer AI-Based computer vision to scan the face of the employees and mark their attendance, which is stored on the cloud in real-time. Other than this, they also provide with a mask compliance feature (to ensure that all the employees are wearing a mask as a safety measure against Coronavirus threat), real-person identification (differentiates between a real person and a photograph), anti-theft, and lockable wall mounting enclosure, and so forth.