Promotion of Religious Tourism

Please refer the news item “Promote Tourist Destinations of Jammu” DE Mar 22 wherein the State Minister for Tourism and Culture Priya Sethi in a meeting has vehemently desired for wide publicity and promotion of prominent tourist places of Jammu region. Very unfortunate, for the reasons best known, the Devasthan Purmandal, a well known prominent tourist destination in Jammu region carrying religious as well as historic importance, finding place in “Common Minimum Programme” of the present day PDP-BJP coalition Government is being totally ignored by the authorities in respect of publicity and promotion.
In this regard I would like to request the Minister to include the Devasthan Purmandal also in the list of promotion of tourist destinations while chalking out programme for publicity and promotion with due regard to the following:-
* Displaying of large size hoardings containing portraits of Purmandal and Utterbehni at Gurah Salathian Morh Vijaypur, Purmandal Morh Kaluchak and Tutan Di Khui Morh at Sidhra.
* Installing similar posters at other conspicuous locations like Jammu Bus Stand, Railway Station and Airport etc.
* Publication of advertisements in the electronic/print/social media on the eve of fairs and festivals.
* Daily live telecast of Pooja/Aarti in the electronic media.
* On the lines of “Jammu Mahotsav” a festival titled “Purmandal Utterbehni Parv” needs to be organized on the occasion of fairs and festivals for promotion/revival of : i) Dogra cultural activities like Bhakhs, playing of fluits, Luddi Dance, Jagratas, recital of Katha, Karaks, Bars, Qissas and Rass Leela etc.
ii) Market displaying products prepared by local artisans like Phoori, Binna, Tokri, Hal, Panjali, Chakla Belna, Masadd Jhadoo etc.
Yours etc….
Jawahar Lal Baru