Prominent citizens, SMC warn against grabbing of temple land

Members of Shiv Mandir Committee, at a press conference at Jammu on Wednesday.
Members of Shiv Mandir Committee, at a press conference at Jammu on Wednesday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Sept 16: Shiv Mandir Committee (SMC) (Regd), Ashok Nagar Jammu strongly condemned the attempt being made by some land grabbers and some others in the guise of Sadhus, to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of Satwari area in their bid to grab Shiv Mandir property and the role played by administration in violating the sanctity of the temple by burying the dead body in the temple premises.
This was stated in a press conference by Shiv Mandir Committee and some prominent citizens of Jammu which was addressed by Sessions Judge, (retd) Pavitter Singh Bhardwaj, president Jammu Provincial Peoples Forum (JPPF) and Amar Kshatriya (Rajput) Sabha J&K, general secretary, Vijay Sharma, local corporator, Pawan Singh and the counsel of Shiv Mandir Society, Advocate Rameshwar Singh Jamwal. They said that a MES employee of U.P, namely Govind Ram, who used to repair the electric connections in the Mandir, after retirement from service, donned the Saffron robes and started laying claims to Mandir property few years ago and styled himself as Mahant Govind Giri which was resisted by the management and the locals, they added.
They said it was he who wanted to raise shops in the Mandir but a contempt petition made him to abandon that idea as case was pending in court of law. Govind Ram expired on Saturday and at the behest of some property dealers and some of his so called disciples and co -conspirators, an attempt was made to bury him in Mandir premises, which was resisted by the Mandir Committee but the administration interfered and his body was forcibly buried in the Mandir premises. Now the same persons are circulating false videos and news items and defaming the actual worshippers and custodians of the Mandir and want to grab the Mandir property. These persons, some of whom donned in Sadhu dresses want to grab Mandir property. Management Committee has warned such property dealers, the imposters and their supporters and the administration to desist from such activities which can vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of the area.
They said that Juna Akhara has no role or jurisdiction in the Mandir Complex and its management and all such attempts would be thwarted by the Management Committee and Mandir would not be allowed to be converted into a graveyard.